Soldier Mom Surprises Daughter During Graduation And This Is What Happens Next

For the brave men and women in the forces squad, being sent away from home for months because of their job, however, it’s never an easy thing to do especially for those with children.

So when Capt. Angela Humm found out she was going to be stationed in South Korea for a year, she was nervous about how her 12 children, particularly her daughter Abigail, would take the news since it meant she wouldn’t be home to see her graduate from high school.
Incredibly, Abigail told her mom not to worry and suggested they live stream the event. “We’ve been lucky you haven’t had to be deployed yet. Now it’s our turn,” Abigail said when Humm told her the news. “She was so mature,” Humm said. “She stepped into many of my roles when I was gone. I wanted to find a way to thank her and show her how proud I was of her,” said Humm, who started planning the special surprise last September when her request to return home a few weeks early to attend Abigail’s graduation ceremony was approved.

When her time in South Korea finally came to an end, Humm slew home, rented a car, and stayed in a hotel so she didn’t ruin the surprise for her daughter and the rest of her kids. And on Abigail’s graduation day, she hid in an office behind the stage waiting until she heard her daughter’s name called. “I was incredibly nervous,” Humm said. “I just kept thinking ‘Don’t cry, don’t trip in your heels, don’t fall over.’”

When Abigail was up on stage, Humm snuck up behind her and whispered in her ear so she would turn around. “I was just, like, ‘You aren’t supposed to be here. What? What? How?’ It was the biggest shock… I’m pretty sure my mom made people that she didn’t even know cry. It was emotional for everyone,” Abigail said. “She’s an amazing person,” Humm said. “She deserved this and I’m just so glad to be home with her to celebrate.”

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