Holidaymaker goes to extreme lengths to keep hold of his beer on flight by checking it in

One holidaymaker decided to cargo his luggage allowance for something he felt was more important than anything that he bring.

When he checked in for a domestic flight in Melbourne, he also decided to check in a can of beer .
The can of Emu Export Lager was tagged up with a barcode and sent to the cargo hold for passenger Dean Stinson.

And amazingly, despite being so small, the can arrived at Perth after a four hour flight in perfect condition.

Dean was then able to pick it up from the conveyor belt, as other travellers collected their suitcases.

Airlines have a no liquids rule in the cabin, meaning passengers cannot take drinks, or any other liquids on the plane in their hand luggage.
And clearly, Dean thought the lager was worth it, after paying for the can to be checked in and placed in the hold.

He said he was surprised that the drink survived the trip, and later admitted he'd checked it in 'for a laugh.'

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