Fast food clerk unfazed as robber sticks a gun in his face

Police in Kansas City have arrested a man after cctv captured robbery with a gun of a fast food restaurant.

But it’s the clerk at the Jimmy Johns who’s drawing the most attention online for his nonchalant reaction to having a gun pointed in his face.
According to the Kansas City Police Department, the robbery occurred shortly after 9 p.m. local time Wednesday. Police say a man in a light blue sweatshirt entered the restaurant, placed an order, then drew a pistol and demanded cash from the register.

At one point, the man points the pistol directly in the clerk’s face – which, somewhat surprisingly, doesn’t seem to faze him in the least. Judging just from his reaction, you might think the man asked for a refund on his hamburger because they didn’t give him extra ketchup.

However, it’s just as well the clerk didn’t waste energy panicking as there is a critical detail captured in the security camera footage. When the robber pulls out the pistol he racks the slide to chamber the round, seeming to struggle somewhat.
When he points the pistol at the clerk it becomes clear why: the next round has become stuck in the ejector port, a problem known in the firearms world as “stovepiping” or “smokestacking.”

For all intents and purposes the gun is jammed and will not fire – though it’s unclear if the clerk is aware of that fact.

The Kansas City Police Department announced on Twitter Friday morning that the suspect had been apprehended.

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