Car Shop Owner Removes Racist Graffiti From Man’s Truck, Free Of Charge

Mechanics at Collision Masters, LLC in Buffalo were shock last month when Henry King pulled up in his Chevy Truck, which it was covered in orange graffiti 80 percent on its body.

It wasn’t just any graffiti, however, with racial taunts like, “Go Home N***.” When Frank Todaro, the owner of Collision Masters saw King’s car, he was furious.
“I was shocked,” Todaro told “I was shaking my head looking at him and said, ‘You are not leaving this shop until I get that off.’” Todaro told the news site he often receives cars with graffiti on them, but nothing like this. “It wasn’t the norm of a standard accident, this is someone [who] intentionally went for his feelings and the community.”

When King, who is from South Buffalo, asked Todaro how much he owed, Todaro told him, “Nothing. You’re not paying me.” Although it is estimated to be approximately a $700 job, Todaro said, “This one really hit home. It was directed to the black race and you know what, that’s not what Buffalo stands for. We are the city of good neighbors for a reason and we did our part. That’s it.”

Todaro and his workers used three different chemicals before trying a fourth which finally removed the writing and Todaro said he didn’t want any help. “I really didn’t ask anybody to help,” Todaro said. “Everyone got involved, it was very nice.”

Since Todaro’s kind gesture, he’s been getting phone calls and comments on his Facebook from people expressing their gratitude. He even received checks for $700 from anonymous donors who were appreciative of what Todaro did for King. “We’re all brothers and sisters and we just need to continue that positive vibe and let everyone know we’re not going to stand for it,” Todaro said.

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